Yellow Trees In Fall

Yellow Trees In Fall

Yellow is the colour of fall season, and many trees will also change the colour of their foliage into vibrant yellow and brown. The reason why tree foliage will turn yellow is because the chlorophyll which provides green colour for tree leaves start to break down for storing nutrients for the winter. Since the green colour is gone and other colour pigments are still there, the tree foliage will turn into yellowish colours like orange, red and brown.

There are a variety of tree families which can change their foliage colour in autumn. Maple trees are one of the most famous ones. Most maple trees can bring vibrant colours for gardeners ranging from red to yellow to brown. Some popular species include sugar maple, Japanese maple, amur maple and crimson king maple trees. The can bring excellent landscaping feelings for your backyard in fall.

Apart from maple tree, there are some other trees which also change their foliage colours in autumn. Some birch trees such as paperbark birch and the European white birch will change their leaf colour into yellow in autumn. Another famous family with attractive colourful foliage is the Oak trees. A variety of oak trees can have diverse colours on their leaves such as red, purple and yellow. Moreover, hornbeam trees are known to grow orange and red leaves in autumn as well. They can grow up to 30 feet in height and they are good specimen trees for your garden.

Image provided By Jacob1210 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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