Yellow Lucky Bamboo

Yellow Lucky Bamboo

If your favorite lucky bamboo leaves is turning yellow, there are many reasons which may cause this result. Although a lucky bamboo tree needs very little maintenance during its growth, you should still be careful of the amount of fertilizers or water applied to them. Over-fertilizing or overwatering will cause their leaves to turn yellow. Also, excessive direct sunlight is usually caused since most lucky bamboo plants like a partial shade area instead of the full sunlight.

Since the ancient version of lucky bamboo is originated from the real bamboo plants in forest where there is only partial shade for them to grow. So, you should provide the same environment for them on your desk. You should remember to keep an eye on the moisture of the soil to make sure it is not swamped. Too much water will result in yellow leaves and thus weaken the health of your bamboo trees.

Before watering any lucky bamboo plants, you need to check the amount of fluoride or chlorine in the water. Too much chemicals in the water will cause the tip of the leaves to turn yellow. Also, too much salt in water will cause the bamboo to die quickly. If you are unsure the content of these chemicals contained in water, you can choose some bottled water from the supermarket. You can also get water from the faucet and leave them for 1 or 2 days to remove the fluoride or chlorine to a great extent.

If the reason of yellow leaves is because of over-fertilizing, you should stop fertilizing instantly change the old water with some distilled pure water. Unless the stem is turning yellow, your plants can still be saved. So, the earlier you detect the yellow leaves, the most possible it can be saved finally.

Image Provided By Clyde Robinson from Sarasota, Florida, United States [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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