Yellow Leaves On Citrus Trees

Yellow Leaves On Citrus Trees

Sometimes you may see yellow leaves on your citrus trees. It usually means some nutrition deficiency in the soil of the garden because each type if citrus tree have its own nutrition requirements. Once your citrus leaves are turning yellow, you need to carefully observe the detailed syndrome which may help you to recognize which nutrition your trees need most.

Generally, the yellow leaves on a citrus tree means the lack of water in the soil. You should provide adequate water for your trees within the next two or three weeks. Please avoid over-watering your trees which will cause the leaves to fall off. If the yellow color is located in the center of a leaf, it indicates that the soil is lack of magnesium. If you discover bright green veins in the yellow leaves, it represents that your trees are lack of iron. The yellow color on the tip of the foliage means that you need to put more fertilizer to the soil. When the corresponding soil amendments have been applied, these syndromes will be cured gradually.

Citrus trees are very hungry for the nutrition from the soil during the growth periods. So, regular application of fertilizer is necessary for the production of the fruits. Citrus trees with a nitrogen deficiency will have yellow leaves as well. Among all types of fertilizers, animal manure is one of the best choices for your trees. In harvest seasons, you should apply 3-6 kilograms of manure for each tree to feed them well. The big the tree is, the more manure it requires. When applying fertilizer to a citrus tree, you need to avoid over-feed to a central area such as trunk. All fertilizer should be spread out evenly around the tree to avoid rot of its roots.

Image Provided By Jean-Luc 2005 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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