Yellow Leaf Bushes

Yellow Leaf Bushes

Yellow leaf bushes can be an excellent part in the whole landscape of your backyard. The special yellow color can be great addition to the various blossoms and flowers from other plants especially in autumn. For those evergreen shrubs, they can ensure that the yellow color can exist for the whole year. Generally, both deciduous and evergreen shrubs have great yellow-color varieties for your garden depending on your special need. You should choose the best size and feature which can perfectly fit the surrounding environment.

Regarding evergreen shrub varieties, some popular small-sized bushes include Gold Coast juniper and Rheingold arborvitae. The formal variety can grow up to 3 feet in height with a similar spread. They can produce attractive yellow blossoms which can be a good addition to view of the garden. The latter one can grow up to 5 feet and they prefer well-drained soil full sunlight conditions. The large yellow leaf shrubs include the popular boxwood bushes which are featured with it yellow and green oval foliage. The can grow more than 10 feet in height and can tolerate shade areas as well, and they need well-drained soil to grow well.

Apart from the evergreen species, there are also some deciduous yellow-leaf varieties which can be planted to decorate your yard. Some examples of such plants include Goldflame spirea and Rhus typhina Tiger Eye plants. The former plant cannot exceed 3 feet high and they are famous for their pink flowers in spring and summer. The yellow foliage of the latter shrub can also turn into brown in late autumn, adding extra landscaping to your autumn garden.

Image provided By Tomwsulcer (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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