Yellow Green Shrub

Yellow Green Shrub

Yellow and green can be important colors for your spring or summer garden. Some shrubs with these colors can be a part of the total color scheme in your overall design for your garden. Most of these plants are hardy plants which need very little maintenance and can tolerate a variety of harsh environment as well. Some shrubs have both of the yellow and green colors and you can choose the best one to suit for your backyard.

Some shrubs are mainly covered with green foliage with some small tints of yellow colors inside. Some examples of such plants include the Boxwood and the Burning Bush shrubs. They both have dense green foliage interspersed with yellow tints. On the other hand, some shrubs such as Golden Treasure and Ligustrum shrubs have a large area of yellow colors with a sprinkle of green tint inside. They all have yellow leaves in summer which will turn into other colors like red in autumn. Some shrubs like Kaleidoscope Albelia have yellow leaves with green stripes appearing on it. They can be perfect landscaping shrubs for your garden if they are planted in the right place.

Some large shrubs also have the same color scheme to suit for different needs of gardeners. For example, the Golden Mop can grow up to 5 feet in height with a similar spread. Some larger shrub plants like Goshiki Osmanthus can grow more than 10 feet high. They have colorful leaflets which is composed with multiple colors. On the contrary, some small sized shrubs such as shrubbery shrub can be used to fit some small areas in your backyard. Most of the do not exceed one foot and they are perfectly fill in some bare areas left.

Image provided By Berean Hunter (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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