Winter Pine Trees

Winter Pine Trees

If your home is located in a cold zone, you may need to plant some cold-resistant plants for your backyard. Some winter pine trees might be good options because most of them are evergreen trees, adding extra colour for your white winter garden. Although most of them have different appearance and features, they have some common things as well.

Biologically known as Pinus banksiana, the Jack pine tree is one popular pine series which are usually found in America. It is an evergreen tree which has needle-like leaves can produce small cone fruits. Sometimes, the colour of the bark appears as red which is similar with red pine trees. The only difference between two kinds of trees is the length of the needle leaves, and Jack pine trees have shorter leaves than the red pines.

The scots pine trees are popular pine series which is called as Pinus sylvestri by tree professionals. This evergreen tree will keep its needle-like leaves in winter which have a slight blue tint on its basic green tone. This tree is sometimes used as Christmas trees. The scots pine produces small cone-like fruits which will not fall off in winter days. It has brown barks with some red tints on the top of the trunk.

Image provided By Crusier (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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