White Spots On Shrubs

White Spots On Shrubs

Sometimes you may observe some white spots existing on your shrub plants or trees. The reason for those spots can be hard to find out because lots of reasons can cause the shrubs leaves to turn white such as pests or chemicals. You need identify the size and shape of the spot quickly. Combined with the shrub species and local weather, you can get the reasons for those abnormal spots quickly and accurately.

When observing the white spots on the surface of the leaves, you should take a close look at its shape and size. Different pests may result in different sized spots on the leaflets. For example, powdery mildews will cause some irregular white spots a a grey patch of areas on the leaves. In this case, you should get rid of the dead leaves immediately and do some pruning work to make your plants tidy. Some commercial pesticides can be used to control the pests as well.

If the white spots exist on the back side of the leaves, this might be caused by spider mites. They are small-sized red spiders which will cause white patches on the underside of the leaves. You may also see some spider webs in surrounding areas which also indicated the existence of those pests. Some special pesticide should be sprayed on all leaves in a plant to kill those pests.

In case of some sticky substances existing on the leaflets and there are also some ants. These things normally indicate the existence of mealybugs. It is a pest which can produce a type of liquid called honeydew. This substance can feed ants can cause mold on the leaves as well. You should wash your leaves thoroughly using some special cleaning detergents to ensure they are all expelled away.

Image provided By Rosendahl [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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