White Fungus On Shrubs

White Fungus On Shrubs

A variety of fungus will produce powdery mildew on shrubs which will cause serious diseases for these plants. These small mildew are so small in size and they are not easy to found if not carefully observed. Generally, most fungus including the white one and colorful ones are relative to each other. However, the result of infection on these fungus are slight different. For example, white fungus may only cause spots on the surface of the flowers instead of other serial issues. They will only weaken the health of plants other than killing them. However, you still need to pay enough attention on it because the spreading of these fungi may affect the health of other plants and the production of fruits as well.

Powdery mold is one of the obvious fungi types which can be observed from lots of shrubs. They may affect multiple parts of a tree including the roots, barks and leaves. It may cause the leaves to curve and fall off eventually. It is easy for this fungi to spread in moist weathers especially in spring or summer when the climate is warm but the moisture is also high. This fungi will be spreading through air so that you should make frequent checking on your shrubs on warm moist days. You should keep in mind about this issue in the first day when you plant the shrubs, and you should pick the healthy seedlings from the nurseries. Also, frequent pruning is also necessary to improve the air circulation. When the infection is found, you should get rid of the dead and ill branches immediately to stop chance of quick spreading.

Although Powdery mold is easily to get infected on many shrub plant, some varieties are more susceptible than other species. Some tree varieties like Maple, apples and dogwood trees are more easily to get infected than other trees. Also, some shrub types such as azaleas and viburnums are also more susceptible. If your home is located in a warm and moist region, you should think about this issue before planting your shrubs to your garden.

Image provided By Lalithamba from India (Barleria longiflora L.f.) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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