Weeping Cherry Tree Care

Weeping Cherry Tree Care

If you have some weeping cherry trees in your garden and maintain them with care, they can add extra landscaping value with their attractive flowers with fragrance. More and more gardeners are starting to plant this tree species in their garden for their fragrant blossoms. You need to spend some time to take care of your trees to make them grow healthier and happier. This document will present some ideas about the caring work you should do for your weeping cherry trees.

The best time to prune a weeping cherry tree is in autumn or early spring when the trees are still in their dormant period. Winter is not suitable for the pruning work due to the possibility of being infected by silver leaf diseases. If the trees are grown from a grafted branch, they are likely to grow a lot of snarls in a lot of locations, making them easily be damaged in strong winter storm. You should clean these snarls as much as you can when doing the pruning work.

During the real pruning work, you should use the sharpest shearing tool to make the cut as small as possible when getting rid of some dead twigs or branches. Like some tree species, weeping cherry trees can self-heal some damaged parts in a short time. Between two subsequent cuts, you need to use alcohol or similar chemicals to clean the shear. During the pruning work, you should remove the new grown branches from the trunk near ground as quick as possible. The appearance of this type of branches is mainly because that this tree is about to product another copy of the tree. Sometimes, the tip of the foliage will touch the ground. You can do some trimming on the leaves and flowers if you want to make them look tidier. Moderate trimming will encourage the growth of the leaves and blossom.

Image provided By Tomwsulcer (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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