Wedding Bush Shrub

Wedding Bush Shrub

Spiraea vanhouttei is a very beautiful green bush shrub which have a similar appearance as a bride’s dress. So, it is also well known as the “Bridal Wreath” which is featured with the beautiful branches covered with the attractive beautiful white blossoms. Another feature of this shrub related with the wedding is that the usual blooming season of this shrub is in June which is also a popular season for wedding ceremonies. Currently, there are many varieties you can choose from the nurseries to decorate your garden. Although they are not as popular some favorite garden flowers like roses, they can provide special shapes and features which can be a distinctive part in your backyard.

Among all varieties in this species, Double Reeves Spirea is a popular one. It is a fast-growing shrub which can reach up to 6 feet in height when fully grown up. The beautiful white blossoms in summer is a great view matched with the green foliage. They prefer well-drained soil conditions with full sunlight during the day. It prefer to live in mild climates and you should avoid planting them in harsh weathers.

Baby’s Breath Spirea is another Spirea plant which is very popular in some areas. The texture of this shrub is one of the finest in this species featured with white flowers and green foliage. It can grow no more than 6 feet in height with a similar spread. Its foliage will turn into brown in autumn and their leaves can be kept in warm winter days. They can resist mild cold days and you should still avoid planting them under extremely cold environments.

Image provided By Rronenow (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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