Uses Of Coconut Tree

Uses Of Coconut Tree

Coconut trees are common tropical trees and they can be used for many purposes. One of the most common usages of them is the delicious coconut fruits growing on the trees. The flesh of coconut fruit is tasteful and its juice contains multiple kinds of vitamins. Also, its foliage and wood can be used as shelter and building materials by many people living in tropical zones. Coconut trees are very popular trees in tropical regions and its branch-less appearance make it very easy to remember.

Coconut truck and roots have a variety of usages such as medicine and furniture-building. It is also used by people to build ships and houses. The roots can be used as a material for dye industry and toothpaste making. Some people living in tropical areas use coconut trunks to build special canoes travelling in rivers. One typical coconut tree can grow more than 15 feet in height with special dark green foliage. One of the typical uses of the coconut leaves is to create manual artefacts like baskets, bags and so on. Dried leaves can be used to make brushes and brooms.

Generally, one coconut tree can grow more than 50 coconuts in a single year. There are white flesh and juice contained in a coconut fruit. The shell of the coconut is very hard, and you must rely on some tools to make a hole on it. The hard shells can be used to make instruments and decorative objects like pedants and earrings. The coconut juice contains a variety of liquids including the milk, sap and copra oil.

Image provided By Krajaras (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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