Use Tea Tree Oil for Acne

Use Tea Tree Oil for Acne

As an extract from melaleuca alternifolia trees which is native from Australia, tea tree oil is used for acne by many people around the world. The greatest features of this amazing oil are mainly related with its anti-bacterial functionalities. It is functional to a variety of illness and disorders such as bad smell, cold and acne. It is a very handy herb medicine which you can freely use to remedy acne at home using some simple steps.

Before apply any tea tree oil on your face, you should do some sensitivity test first. This work can be simply done by use several drops of oil using a cotton swab on your skin. If you do not have any burning feelings, you can continue the following steps to apply them on your skin. If you have some unpleasant feelings, you can still use tea tree oil for treatment of acne. However, the thing you should use should be the more diluted version. How much water you should use totally depend on your skin type. Do some more tests to find the best amount of water used for dilution. Generally, normal skins should dilute the oil with 9-10 times of the amount of water. Avoid using the oil directly on your skin because of its strong action.

When applying the diluted oil, you should wash your face or skin thoroughly beforehand. You should use some medical cotton stick to apply the diluted solution to your skin twice a day. After applying some diluted tea tree oil liquid on your skin, you should pay more attention to the effect of it. If there are not negative effects such as redness or itching, you can increase the strength of the diluted oil. You should use one level of strength for at least one week to make decision if you need to increase the oil strength.

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