Tropical Palm Trees

Tropical Palm Trees

Among more than 1000 members of the Palmaceae family, there are a number of palm trees suitable for planting in tropical zones. Palms trees have the most outstanding feature which can be recognized instantly by people. They all have a single long straight hardy trunk without any sub-branches, and all its large leaves are grown in a bunch on the top of the tree. Not all tropical palms produce fruits and flowers, and you can definitely choose the suitable one for your backyard.

Originated from South America, the queen palm tree is one of the most popular trees planted beside the roads and highways. You can also grow some tiny version of queen palm trees at home. The average height of a queen palm tree can be more than 15 meters and with straight trunk and green leaves on the top. In warm seasons, queen palm trees have attractive yellow blossoms in spring and a bunch of fruits as well. When the weather is turning cold, the fruit will ripen and fall off from the tree to the ground. As a typical tropical plant, queen palm trees can resist some level of heat and drought environment. They like to grow in well-drained soil and they do not like cold weathers and you should avoid planting them if your surrounding temperature is below -10 degrees.

The coconut palm is another popular tropical tree species in all around the world. Unlike queen palm trees which are normally planted for landscaping purposes, the coconut palm trees are cultivated for their nuts. The coconut nuts can be consumed as food, and they can produce high quality palm oil as well. In building industry in tropical areas, the trunk and leaves are useful as well. Most coconut palms can grow more than 15 feet high and they can resist most bad growing environments like clay soil and drought areas. They like to grow in full sunlight and in warm climates. If your home is located in a place with lowest temperature lower than 0 degrees, you should not plant coconut trees in your garden.

Lady palm is small-sized palm species and are often planted indoors. The growing speed of it is not rapid and they do not like extensive light environment as well. Most of the lady palms can reach a height of more than 10 feet, and they can be adaptive to most environment and weathers. You can plant one easily in your garden and they usually need very little maintenance during the growth.

Image provided By Swami Stream (originally posted to Flickr as The Coconut Palms) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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