Tropical Combo Bonsai

Tropical Combo Bonsai

Tropical combo bonsai is one of the most popular bonsai varieties among the bonsai lovers. Actually there are a number of tropical trees which can be used as candidates for bonsai cultivation like Bougainvillea and Ficus. However, it may be not easy to find some suitable ones even for professional masters. Before picking up any tropical tree species, you need to consider several key factors including the water, air, fertilizer application, light and so on. You must make sure all the trees within the combo do not interfere with each other.

Since the combo is a tropical one, you should choose trees which like to grow in a temperature higher than 20 degrees. The tree varieties which prefer cold climates such as pine trees should be excluded in the first place. For every tree variety, they have their own preference on the amount of elemental resources like water, light and fertilizer. You should get some information prior to planting them into the container. Most tropical trees like fine and deep soil because water can be kept longer. So, a shallow pot is not a good choice to plant tropical combo bonsai plants. You need to provide water to you plants at least once a day to ensure they are dried out. Generally, the bigger the pot and the drier the climate is, the more water you need to provide for your plants. The best way to determine if your plants need more water is to use a stick and stab it into at least half an inch into the soil. If the stick is still dry half an inch under the soil, it is time to water them.

Another key factor for bonsai tropical plant cultivation is the light. The ideal source of light for most of them is plenty of natural sunlight. So, if your plants are cultivated indoors, please put them under the sun-facing window to receive adequate sunlight during the day. However, there are some species which prefer less light for better growth rate. You should read the manual carefully before picking up any of them.

Although most bonsai plants are greedy for water and light, they do not like overfeeding on fertilizers. So, some minor powerful fertilizers should be applied on the especially for indoor plants. Good air circulation is another preference for most tropical trees. In winter times, it is a good idea to put air conditioning to provide adequate circulated air to enhance the health and growth rate of your trees. Remember to provide them a relatively damp environment in cold climates to keep your plants happy.

During the growth if your bonsai combo trees, some trimming and cleaning work is necessary from time to time. Some dead or ill leaves should be removed at the first place to conserve resources for healthy ones. Proper trimming will lower the possibility of illness and improve the growth rate for your trees.

Image Provided By Ebyabe (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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