Trim Shrubs In Fall

Trim Shrubs In Fall

When you clean up your garden in autumn, you may find some over-grown shrubs and want to do some pruning work on them. Actually, autumn is a good time for pruning deciduous shrubs when they lose all their leaves and enter their dormant period. Compared to these deciduous plants, the ideal time to prune evergreen shrubs is in spring and early summer.

Generally, for those shrubs blooming in summer or late spring, you can prune them in their dormant season. Some examples of these plants include viburnum, lilac and forsythia. However, the pruning work performed in autumn will trim some buds from the plant and thus decrease the number of flowering buds in the next blooming season. You can improve the number of blossom by pruning them immediately after the flowering period. Usually you should get rid of a quarter of the total height from the top to encourage the new growth for the next year.

Apart from the above plants, some shrubs which bloom in the early autumn such as pink spirea or potentilla can be pruned in the early spring when everything start up to grow. You should also trim off one third or a quarter of the total height from the top of the stem. Most of these shrubs are fast growing plants and they will produce flowering buds quickly in spring. Moreover, there might be some exceptions which may not be suitable for the above guidelines. You should always consult with a professional before you are not certain about something.

Image provided By Captain-tucker (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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