Trim Oak Shrubs

Trim Oak Shrubs

If you have some oak shrubs planted in your garden, you should spend some time on the pruning work to reduce the growth in vertical directions. Generally, the ideal time for pruning them is in spring when the danger of frost have gone and the plants are just starting their growth. Since they are fast growing shrubs, you may need more trimming during the late spring in summer to reduce their grow once again. You wont’ spend too much time on the pruning job, but they are very important for their health.

Before the real pruning work, you should use some disinfectant solution to clean the pruning shears. You should do a rough estimate about the height you need to keep after the pruning. The ideal height will be trimming off one quarter of the total height from the top of the tree. If you are afraid of trimming too much, you can use some tape or a spring to mark the trimming height. You should clean the pruning shear before every cuts to avoid infection of diseases.

You also need to do some disinfection work on the tree wounds. Some tree wound dressing can be used to lower the risk of infection by insects or fungi. The pruning work not only trim some branches to encourage the new growth, it also help to reshape the tree to increase its landscaping value.

Image provided By Pike0301 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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