Trees With Thorns On Branches

Trees With Thorns On Branches

If you have a variety of tree species planted in your backyard, you may find some trees with thorns on their branches and trunks. These thorns can effectively protect the trees from be affected by animals. Although most of them have good reasons to build these sharp thorns, sometimes you may find it difficult to do you regular pruning work on these trees.

There are some common tree species which grow big or small thorns on their branches. Acacia is one tree species which grow large thorns on all around its branches. These thorns can provide a good shelter area for some small insects like ants. These ants can live in the hollow thorns while protect the plants from being attacked by pests. Acacia trees can grow very tall and some trees can reach more than 20 meters in height. In summer, acacia trees will bloom attractive yellow blossoms to attract insects and birds.

Mesquite trees are another tree species which grow thorns on the small twigs. There are a number of mesquite species in different places all around of the world. They can tolerate harsh drought desert environment and they usually need very little maintenance once established. The height of a mesquite tree can reach more than 15 meters and its wood is a good source for burning purposes like barbecue. Not all mesquite species are tall trees, some of them appear as a shrub plant which is no more than 4 meters in height. Some famous mesquite species includes honey mesquite and velvet mesquite trees.

Image provided by Eric Guinther at the English language Wikipedia [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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