Trees With Small Roots

Trees With Small Roots

Generally small roots trees have small size compared with trees with large root system. The common rule is that one tree’s roots can extends as the height of the tree, and the span of the tree’s root can be much greater than the canopy of the tree. So, you should thoroughly consider this before choosing any ornamental trees for your backyard.

In different climates, there are diverse trees which have small root system which is perfectly suitable for some small gardens. In cold areas, the fringe tree can grow up to 6 meters and with a canopy of the same size. It is a deciduous tree which has beautiful flowers in spring. It like grow in well-drained and moist soil. Japanese lilac can grow up to 10 meters with a canopy of 6 meters. It also bloom white flowers in summer days. Unlike fringe trees, this tree prefers a site with full sunlight and it can resist some bad quality soils as well.

Japanese maple can grow up to 5 meters in height and it is famous for its colorful foliage in autumn from red to purple. It is happy with an area with well-drained soil and partial sunlight. Dogwood is another small root tree which can grow up to 6 meters. Its canopy can span as far as 5 meters and it will produce white flowers in spring and red fruits in summer and autumn. Similar to Japanese maple, it likes to grow in partial shade and moist soil as well. Japanese apricot prefer to live in a mild climate and it can stretch as tall as 6 meters with a canopy of same size. It can suit for normal soil and a partial shade environment is its best habitat.

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