Trees With Small Leaves

Trees With Small Leaves

Trees have leaves of different size in diverse zones. Most deciduous trees have big leaves and all of them will fall before the arrival of cold days. On the contrary, almost evergreen tree leaves are tiny which is helpful to preserve water loss in winter. Regarding the gardening landscape, some small leave trees will fit well for some backyard. This document will introduce some tree species which can be a good part for your garden. Most of them are small sized trees and they can survive in most temperature zones. You can easily find them in local nurseries and the price is acceptable for most families.

Ironwood is a beautiful tree species which can grow up to 10 meters. It prefers a place with partial shade and it has smooth barks which is a great view in your garden. It can be easily transplanted for a pot to outside and it grows a bit of slowly compared with other trees. It has yellow and orange foliage which add some colors for your autumn garden.

Crabapple is a tree species which prefer to grow in full sunlight, perfect air circulation and well-drained soil. It has a family of trees with different sizes, colors and fruits. Some species can grow up to 6 meters in height and a canopy of same size. Most of them have beautiful blooming which is a great view for your summer and autumn garden.

Southern Hawthorn is a tree species which can stretch up to 10 meters tall. Thanks to its thorns, they are a good choice for hedging purposes. You can use it to form a dense wall with good protection. It is a deciduous tree and its leaves will turn dark in autumn. It is a great landscaping tree in winter since its silver bark will shed off and its internal yellow bark will show up. It can bear large orange fruits in autumn.

Image Provided By Wehha [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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