Trees With Orange Flowers

Trees With Orange Flowers

As a special colour which often stands for autumn, trees with orange flowers can bring special beauty to your garden in any season. Most orange flowering trees live in warm climates while there are a few species living in cold zones. You should choose trees suitable for the size and other factors of your garden. If you have a small garden, some small-sized evergreen fast-growing species can be considered.

If your garden has a plenty of space, the Royal Poinciana might be one of your choices to fit your yard. It is a large tree which can reach more than 40 feet in height. It has an ever-expending canopy full of attractive orange blossoms in summer. It dislikes cold climates and you should avoid planting them if your home is located in cold areas. It can tolerate most harsh environment and can be planted in most soil conditions. The root of this tree can affect the pavements or sidewalks, so that you should avoid plant it near buildings.

If you prefer some fragrance in your backyard, the Fragrant Orange Tea Olive might be one of your choices. It produces attractive blossoms in autumn and early winter. It is a fast-growing tree and prefers full sunlight and well-drained conditions. It is an evergreen tree, and the dark green foliage will be another view for your winter garden. Its special orange colour make it a great option for decoration your backyard.

Image provided By Chong Fat at zh.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

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