Trees That Shed Their Bark

Trees That Shed Their Bark

Many people do not understand why trees will shed their bark from time to time. The answer is actually very simple. Like all of us, trees are growing up all the time by establishing their roots into deeper in earth and build up bigger foliage on the top. They will grow longer and wider each year, making its old bark cannot hold its new trunk. As a result, the bark will shed as a adoption of its growth regularly.

Like the skin of a tree, barks can enable the stem of a tree to circulate the nutrients without any problems. Biologically, barks are actually dead tree cells which accumulate on the outside of the stem. It will work in the same way as our skin does. It can protect the tree trunk from any damages from outside. Most trees will shed barks when they are growing, and it is a common action for birches and sycamores. Even for some landscaping trees like cherries and dogwoods, bark shedding is nothing unusual. You should observe carefully on a tree to identify if the shedding is caused by normal growth or some abnormal things like diseases etc.

There might be some abnormal reasons on the backend which cause a tree to shed its bark. The underlying reason may be that the internal tissue is dead or decaying. You need to get some samples from the tree and ask some professionals for advice. Generally, this might because of the environmental issue or caused be insects or fungus. The most common reasons also include root damages and deficiency of water. Also, compact soil structure can be another cause for this issue.

Image Provided By Rosser1954 (self-made – Roger Griffith) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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