Trees That Like Water

Trees That Like Water

If you are planning to build a beautiful garden using multiple trees and shrubs, you should think of their resource needs especially for water requirement. If you home are located in a place with plenty of rainwater in summer or you already have some garden plants which need a great amount of water such as ferns, you should plant trees which have similar water needs as those plants to make them compatible with each other. Well-drained soil can help to drain some water out, but you still need to pick up some tree species which can tolerate a super moist environment.

The pear tree is one type of popular gardening tree for both landscaping and fruit production. It is famous for resisting heavy soggy soil among all fruit trees. However, to enable the tree to produce delicious fruits, you actually need two varieties to finish the cross pollination. Some other fruit trees like Juneberry, Mayhaw and Medlar trees are also suitable for grow in soggy soil.

For non-fruiting trees, there are a few varieties which can grow well in wet soil such as willows, Bald cypress and river birch trees. Some of them can absorb up to 100 gallon of water per day. The way they consume these amount of water is to evaporate them from the tree top like sweating. So, you can always see the water coming out from their foliage which likes raindrops if they are growing in soggy soil for a long time. The roots of these trees can stay in moist environment for a relatively long period without being damaged. You should choose the correct tree species for the correct location to balance the moisture of the soil.

Image provided By Geaugagrrl (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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