Tree With Yellow Fruits

Tree With Yellow Fruits

If you have a special garden needing yellow colour to add some landscaping values, you can choose some tree species with yellow fruits. The most famous yellow fruit trees include lemons, oranges, and yellow peaches and so on. Some of them grow thorns on their trunks and others don’t. You should be careful with these fruits especially some fallen ones and should prevent children from touching them either.

Lemons are one of the most famous yellow fruits all around the world. The tree can grow up to 6 meters in height and there will be some small thorns on the branches. Lemons are normally grown in warm zones because they cannot survive in cold climates. They usually taste sour and are generally used in kitchen or tea making.

The Pummelo fruit is one of the largest citrus fruits in the world. Actually, they are ancestor of the grapefruit. Their flesh is pink and some of them taste sour as well. Like lemon trees, the Pummelo trees also have large thorns on their trunks. Like most citrus trees, Pummelo fruits prefer warm weather and you should avoid planting them if you are living in a cold zone.

As the name describes, the sour orange is a common citrus tree with yellow fruits planted in the United States. The fruits are usually used as a source for the food industry. Like other citrus trees, sour orange trees have long thorns on the trunk as well.

Image provided By Jean-Luc 2005 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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