Tree Roots In Yard

Tree Roots In Yard

Many gardeners have beautiful trees planted in their gardens. However, how to deal with the tree roots in yard is usually the last thing to consider by many people. Many people do harm to their trees by improperly dealing with the tree roots. Sometimes they may trim their tree roots to suit for the drainage. Also, their big houses are harmful to the tree roots as well.

Many people may think that the root of large trees is like carrots. This is a common error which is misunderstood by a large number of gardeners. When the tree is growing, its roots become more and more complex which will extend to length of more than twice of the width of canopy. If one large tree has a canopy width of 20 feet, its roots will extend to a width of more than 50 feet. If this tree is planted beside a house, its roots may be affected by the building.

Another misunderstanding for tree roots is that some trimmings on tree roots are not harmful for trees. The potential harm on trees depends on the level of trimming. If a large percent of roots have been cut or the cutting is too close to the trunk, the harm on the tree will be severe. The cutting which is close to the main trunk is dangerous for a tree since the stability provided by these roots will disappear, and the tree is easy to fall down if more roots are absent.

The last mistake many people will have is that they think adding some soil on roots won’t do harm to the tree roots since they are growing underground. The growth of tree roots also needs adequate oxygen to breath. Too much topsoil will smother the tree roots and weaken the growth of them.

Image provided by Howard Selina [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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