Tree Roots And Sidewalks

Tree Roots And Sidewalks

Sometimes, there might be some wars between the street tree roots and sidewalks around your home. You should pay some attention to this conflict and make some thoughtful considerations to resolve the problem. This happens especially for those fast-growing trees which extend their roots quickly into the areas of buildings and sidewalks. Maybe this is not the only time you should worry about it. It may happen several years later when the trees keep growing all the time.

If you decide to cut off the tree roots to make the sidewalks tidy, you should calm down first and think of a better solution for that. Unthoughtful cutting on tree roots may cause it die quickly and incur some fines from the community council. Some other root control methods should also be used to control the expansion of the tree roots because simply cutting will result in the same problem several years later. You should do the action as quick as possible to prevent some worse results.

To make the tree roots be compatible for the sidewalk, you should consult with some tree professionals for help if you are not sure about it. If the tree is growing rapidly, some additional options like root barriers can be constructed. Sometime, if possible, removing the whole tree and then re-planting a new one is a better idea. You should find a good contractor to do all these jobs for you. Good contractors can offer you perfect methods to prevent the recurrence of the rooting invasion.

Image provided By Menirogar [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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