Tree Root Protection

Tree Root Protection

Trees are common environmental elements in every place. Although we may appraise the landscaping value of these trees, we should pay some attention to their root protection as well. As one important part of the trees, roots are usually growing underground and are often neglected by many gardeners. Roots are responsible for the transplanting of nutrients and water into the tree body. Any damages on roots will severely weaken the health of the tree.

Generally, roots usually grow following into a direction where the nutrients and water is. Some roots will expand into the deep side of the soil searching for nutrients while some roots are expanding horizontally. They need adequate oxygen to grow and they cannot survive in a location without well-drained capability. Some clay soil types are compacted and are not easy to let water penetrate. Due to the needs for oxygen, most tree roots are living in a location about 15 inches under the soil. Since the roots will expand to fetch more nutrients, they can extend into an area several times larger than the canopy of the tree. In crowded city area, environmental changes happen from time to time. This construction will cause substantial root damages which will affect the overall health of the trees.

One of the most common ways to affect the tree root health is the soil fills which will elevate the soil level. This can relatively lower the location of the tree roots in soil and make them weak due to decreases amount of oxygen around. Some other activities like the removal of rich soils and accidentally damage of main roots will also have negative effects on the growth of trees. Usages of modern machineries will compact the soil and suffocate the tree roots as well.

Image provided By Doug Bowman from DeKalb IL, USA (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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