Tree Root Fungus

Tree Root Fungus

As one of the most important part of a tree, tree root may be injured or damaged by a lot of factors. The fungi disease is one of these factors which may cause severe damage on the whole tree. The most severe damage happens on the feeder roots if it is the place which is affected by fungi. Many fungi will infect smaller feeder roots such as Phytophthora, Pythium and Fusarium. They will affect the ability of the tree absorbing nutrients and water. They can also cause damages on woody roots which will result in the decay of the tree roots.

If found some symptoms existing on your trees similar to nutrition deficiencies, you should do a thorough check on the tree roots to make sure that they are not infected by fungus. Fungi infected tree roots will show the same symptoms because the damaged roots cannot absorb nutrition and water as usual. Some other symptoms of fungi infection include yellow and chlorotic foliage, slow growth rate, over-amount dead leaves and foliage etc. If you see some fungi fruits such as mushrooms around the tree roots, it also indicates that the tree root may be affected by fungi. It may take several years to develop some apparent symptoms on trees.

To prevent the possible infection by fungi, you should keep your tree growing healthy and vigorous. You should leave adequate space for the tree roots and use well-drained soil to plant your trees. Sufficient water and nutrients is necessary for the growth of the tree as well. The simplest way to test if the soil is dry is to use some soil to make a ball effortlessly. Also you should avoid any activities which can potentially damage the roots of the tree. The compact soil should be replaced with some non-compact ones and some nitrogen abundant fertilizer should be applied to establish the tree roots in spring.

Image provided By Jeffrey Schwartz from New Orleans, USA (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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