Tree Like Weeds

Tree Like Weeds

Sometimes there will be some self-growing trees like weeds which grow rapidly around your landscaping plants. Some species can spread very quickly depending on the tree varieties. Also, the fast spreading of these trees may be harmful to your foundation of the buildings as well. You should know some methods to effectively control the appearance and spreading of these trees to protect your beautiful garden.

The basic way to get rid of weed trees is to pull them as quick as possible. It is better to remove them in their seedling stage. You should carefully remove the entire root system of the tree completely. Young trees usually have small-sized roots and they are easier to remove compared with large trees. If the tree has become too large to be completed removed, you can also get rid of the parts above the ground and keep your garden tidy and clean.

Apart from the physical ways to remove weed trees, you can also use some chemicals such as glyphosate to suppress the new growth of the branches and leaves. Regarding the herbicide, you have a number of options from the local nurseries for your special needs. You still should kill the weed tree while they are young. Large trees will be difficult for any methods no matter you will do it manually or use chemicals.

Image provided by Wendy North [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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