Tree Diseases On Bark

Tree Diseases On Bark

Tree bark is the overall protection of the trunk from the external world. It can prevent the wood from being damaged and the transport of nutrients and water from the roots to the foliage can also be well protected. However, tree barks sometimes will be infected by a number of diseases caused by fungi. The health of the trees will be seriously weakened if left unattended.

Usually the common fungi diseases on many trees are the cankers. Different cankers will be caused by different fungi. However, the common character of these diseases will be the cankers created on the tree barks although they are different in size. There are a variety of cankers existing in trees and some examples include Nectria cinnabarina canker, Valsa canker, Bleeding canker and Basal canker. The common symptom of these cankers is that the bark will rot away as well as the wood inside. As a result, the transport system of the tree will be severely damaged and the tree will die soon.

Apart from the above fungi disease, some environmental stress is also a general problem for trees. Common environmental factors which may affect the tree health include the sunlight and frost. Sunscald will happen when the trees receive over amount of sunlight especially for those trees with thin barks. The bark might break apart and fall off eventually. The extreme cold temperature and the frost will also cause damages on tree barks. You may see some cracks existing on your trees after a severe frost.

Image provided By Rosser1954 (self-made – Roger Griffith) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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