Tree Climbing Vines

Tree Climbing Vines

Have you ever thought of put some climbing vines on your garden trees? Just simply grow some fast growing vines at the base of your trees or shrubs and let it grow naturally. Keep in mind to avoid damaging the roots of the tree when you plant the vines.

There are many colorful vine species which you can put on trees. Clematis is one of those vines which can bring exceptional beautiful colors for your garden. Clematis needs a partial-shade environment and well-drained soil structure to survive. To make it grow happily, you also need to water frequently to keep the moisture in soil. When choosing the correct clematis species for your trees, you should match the color of the shrub flowers with the color of the clematis plant to pick up the best combination.

Another commonly used climbing vine species is hydrangea. It has a bunch of small white blooming during summer and it can tolerate most pests and unpleasant environments. If you want to put some covering vines on a dead or bald tree, you can choose some Virginia creeper vines. It has bright red colors which can effectively cover all branches from a tree. It can also be used as a ground cover if you have such requirements.

Although many vines are good partners for your trees, some vines will have a negative effect on them. Some harmful vines like wisteria, bittersweet and honeysuckle and greatly weaken trees and even kill them because the flourish vines will block the light completely. So, you should avoid planting such vines to any trees and remove them instantly.

Image Provided By Rotational (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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