Tree Bark Damage

Tree Bark Damage

As the wounds on the skin of human beings, tree bark damage will cause scabs and scars on the bark. The bark is formed by the dead cells and act as the external protection for the internal tissue of the tree. For most damages, they will heal eventually over time by itself. You can also do some work to help them to recover quickly.

When there are some wounds happening on the tree bark, you should clean them as quick as possible to avoid any dirty things which may cause infection on the surface. This action is similar to the disinfection action on human skins when there is a new wound. The removal of contaminants can greatly enhance the self-healing process. You can use some tools like brushes to do the job to ensure that all dirty things are removed from the wounded area. Some insecticide can be used as well to kill the pests which are possible to feed on the wounds of the tree.

For treatment of bark damages, you can also choose some dressings from local nurseries. Please keep in mind that most dressings should only be used for a certain tree type. Avoid applying the wrong dressing type since it will cause serious problems on your trees. If you are unsure the dressing functionalities, you should leave your tree along to heal by themselves.

If there is a large area of would happens on your trees. You should transplant some tree skins from another tree using the grafting techniques. Otherwise the wound might be infected quickly and it will weaken the health of the tree. You should clean the wound area thoroughly before the grafting work. Then you can get some fresh twigs from healthy trees and slice an open slot and put it across the wound area. These healthy twigs will eventually merge with the hosting tree and act as the real tree bark.

Image Provided By Larali21 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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