Training Fruit Trees

Training Fruit Trees

If you have fruit trees planted in your garden, you may need to do some training work annually to make your tree tidy and healthy. Without proper training and pruning, the production and the quality of the products of fruit trees may be affected significantly. The main reason for training a fruit tree is to maintain a healthy structure of the tree and increase the fruit production. You should avoid trim the branches into an upright angle which may increase the risk of breakage with a heavy load of the fruits.

When do the training and pruning job, you should ensure that the canopy of the tree are expanded thoroughly to let the light penetrate easily. The light is essential for producing flowering buds followed by fruits. Too much foliage will block most sunlight to reach all flowering buds. Also, a reasonable amount of foliage will increase aeration conditions, making the tree less susceptible to a variety of diseases. Moreover, if you apply pesticide into your tree, less foliage will facilitate the penetration of these chemicals to reach the inside.

Although the traditional way to improve the structure of the tree is via pruning, the training is proved to be a better way to modify the structure of the tree. Technically, training is a process to guide the growth of the tree into a direction to form a certain shape or structure. The objective of the training should be young trees in their growing stage. For these trees, training is a better way to form the structure than the pruning. Different from the pruning work which is often done in winter, training can be performed in any season especially in summer.

Image provided By Jon Sullivan [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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