Toxic Plants For Cats And Dogs

Toxic Plants For Cats And Dogs

If you are the owner of some cats and dogs, you should pay attention to some plants which may be toxic to your pets. Some plants are poisonous to small animals and you should avoid planting them in your garden. Although most of those plants are not fatal for your pets, they may still cause severe illness on small animals.

Chrysanthemum is one of the most popular plants cultivated in thousands of gardens. However, this plant is sort of poisonous to cats and dogs although it is impossible to result in severe symptoms. If taken accidentally, animals may feel some discomfort and depression for a while. Also, if excessive amount of chrysanthemum is consumed, there will be some symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea occurring.

Another common garden plant which is toxic to pets is the Rhodedendron. If carelessly taken, animals such as pets and livestock will have some severe problems in a short time. The most common symptoms will be digest upset, frequent vomiting, weakness and depression. You should take your pets to the vet clinic instantly if they consume a large amount of Azalea/Rhodedendron.

As attractive flower species cultivated in many gardens, Tulip and Narcissus can be a bit of toxic for cats and dogs. The bulbs of these flowering plants contain a high concentration of toxins which will cause severe issues for most household pets. You should watch out these flowers and prevent your pets from consuming any part of the bulbs. The particular symptoms will be intense gastrointestinal irritation and depression of the nervous system.

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