Thornless Hawthorn

Thornless Hawthorn

Although many people like the taste hawthorn fruits and its beautiful landscape in their gardens, the main disadvantage of this tree is an annoying drawback, the thorns. Most hawthorn trees have long thorns which may cause accidental scratches on our skin. However, there are some thornless hawthorn varieties which can be a good choice for your backyard.

The Winter King hawthorn is a popular landscaping hawthorn tree species which are cultivated in many gardens. It have attractive green foliage which can turn red in autumn, providing a distinctive autumn view for your yard. Its special red fruits make it outstanding especially in winter when most trees are in their dormant period. It have very few thorns and they can be totally neglected.

The Crusader Hawthorn is another common hawthorn species which have varieties with and without thorns. The thornless varieties are totally void of thorns from all surfaces of the tree including the barks, branches and trunks. They produce attractive white blossoms in spring and delicious fruits in autumn. Its green foliage will turn into red in autumn which offer an special view for your fall garden. The tree species can resist some common tree diseases like rust, and this feature make it a great candidate for your backyard for the whole year.

Image provided By Prl42 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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