The Uses Of Neem Tree

The Uses Of Neem Tree

As a famous herb from India, the neem tree has been used for food and curing ailments for thousands of years by Indian people. In India, the neem trees are considered as magic plants and you can see them nearly planted everywhere. In English, it is usually called as margosa trees and they are gradually spreading into every part of the world recently. If you have interests, you can also think of planting one in your backyard for medical and landscaping purposes.

As an evergreen tree, the need tree can keep its foliage green for the whole year. It can grow up to 50 feet in height when fully grown with a similar spread. Its dense crown makes it a great view in your summer garden. They have straight trunks, hard barks and attractive green leaflets and small white blossoms produced in spring. Their round fruits will change their colour from green to yellow when fully ripened. Need trees can resist most pests and fungus during its growth, which makes it a great natural pest repeller for your home and garden. Each part of the neem tree is useful especially for medical purposes such as the flowers, fruits, leaves etc.

Generally, the need tree is usually used as an anti-bacterial herb to cure a variety of ailments and disorders. The need powder is usually applied to heal the wounded area on the skin due to its ability to supress the activity of the bacteria. It is also implemented as a cure aids for a number of skin disorders like itch, rash and acne. Moreover, the neem extracts are also used for aiding the burning treatments and lowering the risk of infection. Frequent application of neem herb is helpful to maintain health hair and prevent the hair from falling off. Except for the external application, you can use some need herb internally without any side effects. It can help bring benefits to the indigestion and constipation of human body and remove the bad breath effectively. Its anti-inflammatory properties enable it to be used as a great herb to relieve various symptoms related to inflammation. The immune system of the human body can be boosted as well if you consume neem herbs frequently.

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