Tea Tree Oil Risks

Tea Tree Oil Risks

When many people use tea tree oil as a means of treatment for their illness, they may neglect the potential risks which may weaken their health. You should consult a doctor or medicine professional before apply tea tree oil on your body.

One of the common negative effects of tea tree oil is that it will cause skin reactions for some people with sensitive skin. The minor syndrome will be some itchy part on the screen and the severe result will be some bad blisters. If people are allergic to the myrtle family plants or pine, they have much more chance to have allergy to tea tree oil. In the case of that, you should avoid using any tea tree oil instantly because it will be break down into more harmful elements when applied on your skin.

Most people use tea tree oil on their skin and it might be toxic if taken into orally into their body. You can have a variety of unpleasant feelings like drowsiness and vomiting if you take a big dose of tea tree oil orally. So, at home you should always keep it out of reach of children at all times. Over dose of tea tree oil can also be absorbed into the body even it is only used on your skin.

For those women in their pregnancy period, they should avoid using tea tree oil for treatment purposes. It can decrease the force of spontaneous contractions and it will be harmful for the mother. Apart from that, the use of tea tree oil is considered as illegal in some European countries due to the uncertainty of its side effects. If you have use some products contain tea tree oil, you should pay more attention to the oil concentration, and a percentage less than one percent is considered as safe in most cases.

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