Tea Tree Oil For Ear Infection

Tea Tree Oil For Ear Infection

Tea tree oil for ear infection treatment has been approved by many people and medical professionals. As one of the most delicate parts in our body, it is very easy to get infected by bacteria for a variety of reasons. All parts of an ear can be infected without any exceptions. When get infected, the most common treatment method for that would be the consumption of some antibiotics. However, most antibiotics have negative effects to human body if taken again and again, and their effects on bacteria will decrease gradually. If you are searching for other remedies to replace the conventional way to use antibiotics, tea tree oil can be a good option to try.

There are many ways to apply tea tree oil to an infected ear depending on the syndrome. You can mix the oil with other liquid such as water and olive oil to have different functionalities. If you are intend to make a solution using water, simply mix one third cup of warm water with several drops of tea tree oil to make them blend thoroughly. Then apply three or four drops of this solution to your ear several times a day. A cotton stick can be used to prevent the solution from leaking to your inner ear.

Another way to create the solution of the tea tree oil is using olive oil. You just need one teaspoon of olive oil to make the solution with several drops of tea tree oil. Both liquid should be warm up to a temperature for a better mixture. This solution can be applied to your ear as well as a treatment for the infection. You can use this dropper to apply the mixed liquid twice a day to relieve the pain.

If you decide to use tea tree oil as a means of treatment for your infection, you’d better consult a medical professional before apply anything on your body. Although the tea tree oil is a good option for infection treatment, you should get to know both the positive and the negative sides before using them.

Image Provided By Stephanie (strph) from Oklahoma City, USA (Flickr) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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