Tall Narrow Trees For Privacy

Tall Narrow Trees For Privacy

If you have a big garden and want to plant some tall narrow trees to protect your privacy, you can consider some shrub plants which are easy to plant and have great landscaping values. If carefully pruned, they can act as a living wall which are composed with attractive plants. They can not only protect the privacy of your yards, they can also help to reduce the noises from the external world and act as excellent wind breaker as well. Before choosing a shrub variety for the privacy protection purposes, you should choose an evergreen species which can act as a privacy protector for the whole year.

There are a varieties shrubs and trees which can be cultivated for privacy protection purposes. Viburnums are fast-growing tree varieties which are very popular in thousands of gardens. Compared with other shrubs, viburnums are cheap and easy to prune in all seasons. The prefer well-drained soil with adequate sunlight during the day. A good evergreen choice for privacy protection is the leatherleaf viburnum which have dark green foliage in cold winter days. They can also produce red berry fruits for your family and they are also nice food for wild animals.

Juniper shrubs are another group of shrub varieties which are perfect for the privacy protection purposes. Some tall varieties such as skyrocket juniper trees can grow more then 20 feet in height. The have narrow crown which are perfect to form a dense shrub wall for your garden. They have dense foliage and prefer to live well-drained soil conditions with adequate sunlight. They can be a good choice for your garden if your home is located in warm locations.

Image provided By Bruce Marlin [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5)], via Wikimedia Commons

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