Tall Evergreen Shrubs

Tall Evergreen Shrubs

Evergreen shrubs are great choices for gardens to provide all-year-long green colors. Compared with short sized plants, those tall shrubs are able to act as a screening plants for us to protect our privacy from the external streets. Also, some tall hedging shrubs are able to produce attractive blossoms in spring and summer, adding extra landscaping values to your backyard. Most shrub plants prefer well-drained soil conditions and adequate sunlight to grow well. So, you should ensure that these conditions are available before planting any shrubs.

There are a number of tall shrubs which have green foliage at any time in a year, and common boxwood is one of them you can choose. It is a popular hedging shrub variety which is planted in hundreds of gardens. Generally most of them can grow more than 15 feet in height with a similar spread. They are slow-growing plants which can be easily pruned into any shapes you want. They will produce beautiful yellow blossoms in autumn with fragrance. Although it is an evergreen shrub, its green foliage will show a hint of brown color in winter. They can tolerate drought environment and you can easily transplant them into nearly any places you want as long as there are adequate sunlight for them.

Japanese holly is another common evergreen hedging shrub planted in thousands of yards. It is famous for its round shape and they can reach up to 10 feet in height when fully grown. As the common boxwood, this plant is also a slow-growing shrub which can bloom beautiful green flowers in summer. They like to grow in well-drained soils with adequate sunlight or partial shading areas. You can choose them if your home is located in a mild zones.

Image provided By Leo Michels (Own work, www.imagines-plantarum.de) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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