Sweet Shade Tree

Sweet Shade Tree

Native frangipani trees, also called sweet shade trees, are beautiful candidates for tropical gardens due to its fragrant attractive white blossoms. Originated from the tropical rainforests, they can usually grow more than 30 feet in height which still be less than the height it used to grow in their wild forest environment. They prefer warm and damp environment with well-drained soil conditions. Currently, they are commonly cultivated in hundreds of gardens located in warm zones for their beautiful flowers in summer days.

Sweet shade trees like to grow in a location with full sunlight and adequate moisture. They can also tolerate some partial shade environment during its growth. They are usually planted in many urban locations like parks and roadsides due to its wonderful adaptability to city conditions. They cannot resist cold weathers and the young trees will die very quickly in frosting or freezing weathers. So, you should avoid planting them if your home is located in zones with a temperature lower then 20F degrees.

They produce beautiful dark evergreen foliage which can provide the dense shade for your home throughout the whole year. Sometimes, they are also planted for privacy protection purposes in many homes via their dense and bushy foliage. The most famous part of the sweet shade tree is their clusters of cream-white coloured flowers. The flowers will turn into yellow gradually and produce a large amount of oval shaped seeds in autumn. The fragrance of the blossom can easily attract insects and wild animals to your summer garden. If you have plans to cultivate them in your own backyard, you may need to go to some special nurseries because they are not commonly seen in most nurseries over the country.

Image provided By Bgabel (Own work (Original text: “self-made”)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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