Starting A Bonsai Tree

Starting A Bonsai Tree

Originated from China, bonsai trees are great miniature indoor plants which can provide ornamental values to your home. Starting to plant those trees can be difficult for beginners. If you are new to bonsai cultivation, you should purchase some species which are easy for beginners such as Japanese Pagodai. You need to do some learning before any purchase.

Although maintaining a healthy bonsai tree can be difficult, there are still some useful tips which can be helpful. The first thing you need to pay attention is the moisture of the soil. The soil should be kept moist at all times, and you can use your finger or another stick to do the moisture testing. The container should have a draining hole at the bottom, and excessive water should be drained from this hole every time of watering. Bonsai trees should be put in a location with adequate sunlight during a day, ideally at least four hours per day. If the climate is mild outside, you should put your trees outside to get more sunlight easily.

The bonsai trees should be pruned regularly to keep them tidy and clean. Some shearing knives can be used to control the new growth of the tree. The cuts should be clean to lower the risk of getting infected by diseases. Bonsai trees usually need some fertilizers during its growth, and the ideal period for fertilizing is once a month. The fertilizer should be soluble in water which will prevent the roots being damaged.

During the growth of the bonsai trees, you should repot them for a few times once the current container cannot accommodate the size of the trees. Bonsai trees may be infected by some fungi diseases as well as some pests. Some soapy water can be helpful to wash off some insects like mites. You can also purchase some chemical pesticide to take them into control.

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