Soil vs Compost

Soil vs Compost

Many gardeners like to compare soil with compost to find out the best medium suitable for their plants. Soil is the natural medium of most plants which are formed by the erosion and modification from rocks and other elements which can be blended into the soil. The nutrients contained in soil are usually the average level of the nature.

Compost is made by professional gardeners and it is likely to contain more nutrients for the growth of the plants and trees. Compost is mainly made from organic matters and other objects which will break down gradually to provide adequate nutrition for plants’ growth.

The soil and compost are important medium for experienced gardeners for cultivate their shrubs and trees. Compared with natural soil, compost contains more nutrients for plants thanks to the organic matters contained inside. It will take time for these organic things to break down, resulting in the fact that they cannot be absorbed instantly.

If you want some good options for your garden, you can go to the local nurseries to get some special potting mix for special plants. They contain necessary nutrients and have a reasonable PH value for the growth of plants. If you intend to use compost in your garden, you should keep an eye on the acidity of the soil from time to time. The breakdown of organic matters will lower the PH value of the soil.

Regarding the maintenance, you should treat the soil and compost in different ways. You need to turn over the compost medium frequently to improve its air circulation. You need to keep the compost moist to ensure that the decomposition of organic matters is working properly. For soil maintenance, you need to improve the drained ability of the soil frequently. Also, you need to apply some fertilizers to the plants if some specific nutrients are deficient. Although compost saves these efforts for you, they cost you some time and money to make it suitable for your garden.

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