Soil For Planting Trees

Soil For Planting Trees

As one important factor to growing healthy plants and trees in your garden, the quality of soil should gain enough attention from gardeners. Two main soil types are sand and clay types. The clay type is not a good one to grow trees since they may cause water clogged and thus make the roots rot. The sandy soil can drain off the water quickly, but they will be dry quickly and cannot keep moist for a long time. You need to do some work to modify the structure of the soil before planting any plants.

Before planting any plants and trees in your garden, you should have some plans on which plants should be planted to which location. Then you can use different soil building strategies to maintain the soil for different plants and trees. For instance, some local plants need some organic slow release fertilizer and some mulching material to grow better. Other plants may need more rich chemical fertilizer to satisfy their needs. You need to do some research beforehand.

Most trees need well-drained soil to survive. If there is too much sand in your soil, they are not easy to hold the moisture for a long time. You can use some additive elements to improve the soil quality. For example, addition of some Bentonite clay can enable the soil to hold more nutrients, and some compost can also provide extra nutrients to the soil. Some slow release fertilizer can also be applied to enhance the soil quality. It may take a few years for the bad quality soil to turn good, but all efforts spent on the soil will be totally rewarded by healthy trees and plants.

Image provided By Rosendahl [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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