Soil For Banana Trees

Soil For Banana Trees

Most banana trees can tolerate a variety of soil types. It is good news for most gardeners having different types of soil in their garden. However, you should keep in mind that they still have some requirements for their growing conditions. For example, they do not like soggy area which will make their roots rot quickly. If necessary, you should use some organic matters to provide extra nutrients for your banana plants. To harvest the best fruits in autumn, you should try your best to satisfy their needs for healthy growth.

If you have clay soil in your garden, you should amend some sandy soil samples into your soil to increase the ability to drain water quickly. Soggy clay soil will kill the banana roots, and sandy soil will lose water and nutrients quickly. A reasonable amendment of these two types should be the best choice for growing healthy banana plants. You can choose sands having different grain sizes and amend them together with compost to form a perfect medium for growing plants.

Rocky soil is another type soil which can be found in some gardens. They are usually generated from broken rocks which usually have high PH values. Since banana plants prefer slightly acidic environment with adequate potassium, you should amend some organic matters along with potassium fertilizers to adjust the soil acidity and nutrition composition. You should regularly test your garden soil to ensure that they are suitable for the banana plants.

If the soil in your garden is mainly composed by loamy soil, they are perfect medium for growing bananas. You do not need amend anything huge to the soil. You can do some minor amending work to your soil based on the specific soil test. When doing the soil test, you should take samples from different locations in your garden to ensure the accuracy of the result. To make sure that your soil is a sort of loamy soil, you can do a simple test by digging a hole with a depth of 12 inches. Fill the hole with water and count the time of total draining of all water. A total draining time less than one hour means a good draining ability of the soil. On the other hand, a total draining time more than 24 hour indicates very bad draining capability and you should take some measures asap to avoid any damages on your banana trees.

Image provided By Rosendahl [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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