Small Shade Trees

Small Shade Trees

If you have a small garden and your home is located in a zone with sizzling summer days, you may want to plant some small shade trees which can cool down your house. Generally, both evergreen and deciduous trees can be used as shade trees. Most shade trees have dense foliage and can live more than 100 years if maintained properly. The common small-sized garden shade trees are less than 40 feet in height and several trees are big enough to cover most areas in the garden.

The golden rain tree is a common shade tree planted in hundreds of gardens. It has several names such as varnish tree and they can grow up to 40 feet in height and same distance in spread. It can produce attractive yellow blossoms in summer. It can tolerate most soil types including some coarse ones like clay soil. It prefers full sunlight and can resist most negative things for trees like drought environment, pests, heat and wind. So, it is a perfect shade tree to make your summer garden cool off.

The amur maple tree is another popular small-sized shading tree which is famous for its beautiful colours in autumn including red, yellow and orange. It can grow up to 20 feet high and have a similar spread when fully grown up. It need very low maintenance during the growth and can resist bad-quality soil types and most pests. It is a typical deciduous tree and all leaves will fall off in autumn.

The kousa dogwood is a fast-growing shade tree species which is usually planted in the front side of the garden. It can grow up to 30 feet in height and can tolerate most soil types. Like maple trees, it has outstanding autumn purple colours on their foliage. This deciduous tree produce attractive white flowers in spring and you can harvest some red berries when the flowering period is over. It can resist most diseases and pests, making it a good choice for shielding your small garden if you don’t want to spend too much time on the maintenance.

Image provided By Jebulon (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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