Small Drooping Trees

Small Drooping Trees

For small gardens, the choice for some large ornamental trees should be avoided. One of the best landscaping plans is to choose some dropping trees which have great ornamental value while the height is not very massive. Also, drooping trees can produce less shade and you should pick them up for your garden if your home is located in cold climates.

One of the small garden tree choices is the Japanese maple which can grow no more than 2 meters in height and have the same size of foliage. It can be planted in the yard or cultivated in a container as well. It is a small species in maple family and its red leaves can bring great colour for you garden for a long time. It prefers to grow in well-drained soil and in partial shade.

Japanese lilac is another small tree species which have similar height as the Japanese maple tree. It can produce beautiful white blooming in summer and you should take some time to do the pruning work for its health from time to time. It can resist some harsh environment and many people use it for decorating their backyards. It can suit for most soil types including some bad quality ones. Under pollution, it can grow into a size which is slightly bigger than its original size for better chance of survival.

Pagoda Dogwood is another landscaping tree species which is similar to the above two trees in size. It is very attractive even there is no foliage on it at all. They also produce beautiful white flowers in summer and they will turn to red totally in autumn. They can bear blue fruits which are great food for birds and other wild animals. This tree can be planted as a wall to shield strong wind in winter days.

Image Provided By Digigalos (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

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