Small Canopy Trees

Small Canopy Trees

Small canopy trees are perfect fit for small houses and gardens. Professional gardeners often plant shade tree to the side where the hot summer sunlight can be shaded and the winter sun can easily warm the house. The best choices for trees in small gardens are that they should have small but dense canopies, easy pruning capabilities and pest resistant features. There are a variety of small trees which are less than 10 meters to choose from for your garden.

Japanese maple is one of the popular trees which are especially used for small backyard. It can grow up to 8 meters and its dense canopy is easily to be formed for any purposes. It has a number of varieties which are suitable for different requirements. Some tall species can grow up to 12 meters and have a large canopy for big roofs.

Kousa dogwood is another landscaping tree which has low growth rate and good pest resistant abilities. Although it can reach 12 meters in height when mature, it grows very slowly. It likes to grow in a place with well-drained soil and slightly acid soil type. The original species of Kousa can produce white flowers and some varieties can bear pink blooming as well.

Fringe tree is widely used for experience gardeners to decorate their gardens. They can grow a round canopy and fragrant blooming in early summer. A good part of this tree is that it needs very little maintenance and you do not need to prune them from time to time. Although they can resist most tree pests, they are easily infected by fungi. So, some fungicide should be used frequently maintenance their health.

Image Provided By Jean-Pol GRANDMONT (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

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