Silver Maple Tree

Silver Maple Tree

As one of the popular landscaping trees, the silver maple tree is planted in thousands of gardens. It is a fast-growing tree which can grow to a large size. So you should have a large space to accommodate your maple trees in your backyard. This tree can tolerate wet soil conditions and it is a good option to be planted in some flooded areas. Their trunk is not hard enough to withstand the strong winds in winter. So, you should provide some protections for them to resist the winter gust.

Silver maple trees are usually planted around houses for ornamental purposes. They have attractive foliage with white edges on the underside. The original leaf colour is green and it will turn into brown in autumn. It can produce red blossoms in spring and you can enjoy the dense shade provided by them in hot summer days. They prefer a full sunlight environment although they can survive in partial shade areas. They can tolerate a variety of soil types, but they still prefer some well-drained soil conditions. It will have an oval shape when full grown up with a dense canopy and branches.

Before planting any silver maple trees in your garden, you should always think about the level of wind which may do harm to your maple trees. For areas with a high risk of strong gust, it is advised to not plant them to avoid potential damages. Also, the roots of the silver trees are sort of intrusive and they may interfere with part of the buildings, trails, and sidewalks. You should do a thorough management regarding this issue before planting any maple trees in your backyard.

Image provided By John B. from Highland Park, NJ, United States (Silver maples) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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