Shrubs With Pink Leaves

Shrubs With Pink Leaves

As a popular landscaping plant in thousands of gardens, green leaf shrub are the most common ones. However, some shrubs have foliage in different colors like pink, yellow etc. They can provide a special color hue for your yard to match the requirement of the your needs. Some shrubs with pink leaves can add warmth and bright colors to your overall landscape in your garden in spring and summer. These beautiful plants can attractive the views from your neighbors to the strangers in the street.

Taylor Japanese Maple is a common shrub plant which can grow pink edges on their leaves. The size of this shrub is small and tiny and mos of them will not exceed 4 feet in height when fully grown up. This shrub is special cultivated for landscaping purposes for various environments. The main color scheme is the dark green and the pink color will appear on the edges of the leaflets. It is a deciduous shrub and the leaves will fall off in autumn. Like most shrub, this shrub prefer well-drained soil conditions and adequate sunlight during the day. The best soil for cultivating this plant is the slightly acidic soil mixed with some organic matters to provide extra nutrients.

Flamingo Chinese Cedar is another type of shrub variety which have leaves appearing like a diamond. Originated from China, this tree has a long history by ancient Chinese for the wood for domestic uses. It is a deciduous tree species which can grow fragrant flowers in spring. Some part of this tree can also be used as herbal medicines for curing diseases. They like to grow in well-drained but moist soil conditions. They are not sensitive to the acidity of the soil and they can grow well in both the acidic and alkaline soil types.

Image provided By Dendroica cerulea (originally posted to Flickr as Japanese maple leaf) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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