Shrubs For Birds

Shrubs For Birds

If you decide to grow some shrubs for surrounding birds, you need to spend some time on picking up the correct ones. There are many factors for a plant to attract birds including the taste of fruit, the colour of flowers, nectars and so on. Since each shrub has its own flowing period, some species flower in summer while some produce blooming in winter days. Also, their fruit will ripen in different seasons. So, you should carefully pick up plants which can serve all birds along the year.

Some shrubs which have ripened fruits in spring are suitable for birds having babies such as wild cherries and mulberries. In the other hand, birds in autumn will prefer some delicious and nutritious fruits like spicebush and sassafras. This is also true for those shrubs whose fruits will ripen in winter times. Generally, each species of shrub plants will feed some certain type of birds. So, it is a good idea to plant a mixture of shrubs in your garden to attract diverse type of birds.

Another factor to plan your bird-attracting plants is to use normal plants from the nature instead of some artificial ones. This is because there are no proven facts to illustrate that their fruits have negative effects on birds. Natural plants has already been approved for thousands years to offer the correct type of food for animals. You should also avoid planting shrubs which provide over amount of food. Too much food will make you garden over-crowded by animals including some unwelcomed ones.

You should put a group of shrub plants to attract birds in your backyard. This can also help the cross-pollination of different species to increase their productivity. Abundant tasteful fruit will be a good feeding place for birds.

Image Provided By Poyt448 Peter Woodard (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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